Session Notes 4

Thursday, November 19, 2009

  • The party decides to leave the monster-infested police station and come back later when they are better equipped to handle it.
  • As they leave, Tyler calls to them over the radio, asking if they are leaving and if he could get the address of the safehouse.
  • The party gives him the location, happy to have a soldier showing interest in their group.

Friday, November 20, 2009

  • The party returns to the safehouse and rests, allowing Lillian to set up the radio.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

  • At night, the survivors hear strange screeching from the radio, followed by a whispered voice speaking in what appeared to be jibberish.
  • Forbidden Lore Check Failed!
  • The radio collects energy, even after it is unplugged, and soon emits a mysterious pressure-wave-like aura. Upon contact with the wave, the christmas lights blow out, plunging the survivors in darkness.
  • The sounds of monsters begin to echo through the apartment complex, and a trio of dessicated skeletons creeps in from the kitchen and assault Adrian. The survivors snatch their bags and hurry out the window as more monsters manifest in the bedroom and kitchen. Sanity Check 2/2d6
  • Logan runs back to help Adrian, but the monsters have already secured a hold on him, ripping his body apart. Logan decides to leave him. Sanity Check (Automatic Failure) 1d6
  • The survivors hurry out the door as a hulking mass of flesh busts down the front door.
  • As they file into the van, the survivors see swarms of shadows pouring from the streets at them.
  • Tyler runs out from the darkness, panting. The party urges him to come with them.
  • "What did I tell you?" He yells. "They can sense you when you group together! Of course," He pulled a gun from its holster and points it at Tiffany, "Telling me where you were staying probably didn't help either."
  • Logan swings his axe, disrupting Tyler and slicing a hole in his armor.
  • He flees as the others attack. Mysterious purple runes appear in a circle on the ground, accompanied by sinister chanting. After a brief light show, Tyler's wounds heal.
  • Forbidden Lore Check Failed!
  • The party jumps into the van and speeds away, but Tyler manages to shoot out one of the van's wheels.
  • Carrie manages to keep the van under control as they speed through the dark, monster-infested streets of Arkham.
  • Before they get too far, however, a hulking brute lumbers hurriedly into the road, forcing the group to swerve. The van tumbles and crashes, knocking the survivors unconscious.
  • They come to, and discuss what to do next.
  • Eventually the decide to keep moving and hide until day.
  • As they make their way through the streets, a jeep with a spotlight appears. The group hides behind cars, and finds that Tyler is driving the jeep. An entity appears to be manning the spotlight.
  • He soon disappears around the corner, searching for the party.
  • They make their way to the park, avoiding monsters on the way, and huddle together in the football field until morning arrives.
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